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Ruminative is a complete team of a mix of experience and innovation. Our team consists of skilled reputed architects, creative graphic designers, motion visualizers, voice artists and copywriters, as well as graduates in business administration with management and marketing skills. Also, we have photographers, video artists, recording studio and a bunch of experts of event management in our external contact.

Muinul Haque

Associate Partner and
Head of Management

With 25 years of experience in his field, Tanveer is a highly creative architect known for his sophisticated sense of aesthetics and design. He is a graduate of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in Architecture. One of Tanveer's most notable creations is the MPR Passport of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, which showcases his exceptional design skills. His expertise in both architecture and design make him a valuable asset to the industry, and his work continues to be recognized both locally and internationally.

Rumi Afroaz

Associate Partner
and Head of Accounts

Rumy, a prime entrepreneur of the institute, is a business graduate from Dhaka University affiliated Government Titumir College with a major in Accounting. She is a self-taught businesswoman who has developed the necessary skills to drive a business and create effective procedures for growth. Known for her hard work and passion, Rumy strives to excel in all her responsibilities and secure a leadership position.

Md. Imran Hossain

Associate Partner and
Head of Operations

Imran, a business graduate, possesses natural leadership skills and excellent communication abilities. His involvement in various organizations during his student years honed his leadership skills and set the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey. Imran's successful experience in organizing events in his early life led to his current role as a partner at Ruminative, where he oversees all operational activities.

Md. Latiful Motin

Communication Adviser and Ad maker

Mithu, a prominent broadcast journalist and senior news presenter at Boishakhi Television, serves as the spokesman for Ruminative in important matters. He advises the company on communication strategies and leads the audio-visual production. Mithu is a well-respected voice artist with over 30 years of experience, having produced numerous government documentaries, jingles, and communication pieces. He began his media career in 1990 when he joined Bangladesh Betar in Rajshahi during his university years. After a short time, he moved to Dhaka and has been with Boishakhi Television since its inception.

Ariful Islam


Arif is a talented visual artist and graphic designer with seven years of experience working in various agencies. He excels in Layout design, typography, logo design, logo animation, and creating brand identity guidelines. Arif's expertise in brand identity design demonstrates his innovative thinking and strong understanding of branding principles. He is enthusiastic about designing and collaborates on all aspects of creative thinking and design.

Syed Saiful Islam


Saiful is a talented Creative Graphic Designer with 7 years of experience. He is known for his cool attitude, strong problem-solving abilities and excellent design sense. Eager to continuously learn and develop, Saiful is constantly searching for new and innovative design approaches. At Ruminative, Saiful is an expert in all aspects of graphic design, particularly brand identity development. In addition to his professional career, Saiful is also a dedicated social worker and active member of Rotary International, where he uses his skills and enthusiasm to make a positive impact in his community.

Adlul Islam Shomik

Executive, Accounts
and Admin

Shomik is a BBA graduate and currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing. He joined Ruminative as an Executive in the Accounts and Admin department, marking the start of his career. Shomik is a quick learner. He has been performing well in his role and is known for his cool-headedness and visionary approach.

Md. Zakir Hossain

Visual Animator

Zakir is a highly experienced Visual Animator and Designer with over 15 years of experience in the television industry. He currently holds the position of Visual Animator at Ruminative, where he is also the lead designer for Audio Visual Production. In addition to his role at Ruminative, Zakir is also the Visual Designer for RTV.

Mamun Mahfuz

Content Creator

Mamun is a talented content creator currently working at Ruminative. He has a diverse background, having excelled academically as the topper in both his Honors and Masters in Bengali from the Islamic University of Kustia. In addition to his academic achievements, Mamun is a versatile professional with experience as a writer, presenter, and program producer. He has worked in both television channels and dailies, bringing a wealth of experience to his role as a content creator.

Md. Ashrafuzzaman

Executive, Marketing

Sagor is an accomplished marketing executive at Ruminative. Sagor is a self-motivated individual who is driven by his passion for marketing and his desire to achieve his goals. He has a strong focus on results and is known for his target-oriented approach, which has helped him to consistently deliver outstanding results for the company.